Centercourt Athletic Club embraces its role as a member of the USTA coaching team and the mission to foster the next generation of NJ boys and girls tennis athletes. We offer a junior player pathway that can satisfy players from 3 years old to the high performance needs of nationally ranked juniors.

Centercourt I & II

Red Stage - For children ages 3 - 8

Centercourt I

This class provides 3 to 5 year olds with fun activities that increase their general athleticism and improve their gross motor skill development. Focus is placed on improving basic movement and coordination. Red low compression balls are used along with 19 or 21 inch racquets on 36 ft courts in 1 hour class.

Centercourt II

This class provides 6 to 8 year olds with fun activities that increase their movement, balance, coordination and motor skill development. Tennis fundamentals improve as players learn to control a racquet better with increased judgment skills. Children learn how to rally. Red balls used along with 21 and 23 inch racquets on 36 ft courts in a 1 hour class.

Centercourt III & IV

Orange Stage - For children ages 8 - 10

Centercourt III

This class provides 8 to 10 year olds with the tools to develop their tennis strokes, athleticism and motor skill development. Increased focus is placed on developing proper shot technique, movement towards the tennis ball, rallying and point-playing situations. Orange balls are used along with 21, 23 or 25 inch racquets on 60 ft courts in a 1 hour class.

Centercourt IV

This class provides players that can already rally with more technical and tactical guidance to allow them to play an all-court game. Players increase their rallying, volley, serve and point playing skills while improving their athleticism and motor skills. Continued focus is placed on teaching proper shot techniques and appropriate court coverage. Orange balls are used along with 21, 23 or 25 inch racquets on 60 ft courts in a 90 minute class.


The Academy

The Academy is a program for high performance junior tennis players who aspire to achieve excellence through tennis. It is a group of coaches, players and parents dedicated to pursuing excellence in tennis and life. We pride ourselves on the collaborative relationship we share with parents, and feel that this element makes us unique among NJ girls and boys tennis development programs.

Centercourt Advantage

This tennis program is focused on players 12 years and older that want to improve their tennis and competitive skills. Players can expect to work on and improve their technical, tactical and strategic tennis skills as well as movement and athletic skills. Our live-ball training and competitive play drills are designed to improve their singles and doubles play, and their success in match-play situations. Whether you are an aspiring competitor or an experienced player, we can help bring your game to a new level.